Summer Fun with Callie

There is no season I love as much as Summer. It gives me an excuse to travel, wear tiny string bikinis, daisy dukes, and sexy cocktail dresses to party in.

  I got back a few days ago from a trip to Playa Del Carmen. The white sands and blue water were amazing! I spent the days sailing, surfing and checking out the hotties. The nights were dancing, drinking and fucking the lucky man of my choice till sun up. 

The first night in Playa del Carmen, I stayed at the hotel bar. Shots of Don Julio (real tequila), lots of flirting and body shots. I was in a party mood and ready to be fucked hard and fast after all those shots.

While still in the bar, I gave my first sloppy blowjob of the night. My makeup was a mess, but I love looking in the mirror and knowing I took a load of jizz all over my pretty face. I cleaned up slightly, then it was back to the bar.

The two bartenders who I had been flirting with all night invited me to their condo on the beach. Why leave, right? I took them and an older man who bought me drinks all night to my suite. It seemed like all the older man wanted to do was watch. Well fuck! I planned on getting all my hot, horny holes filled at once. He asked me permission to take his cock out as he watched. Oh, two tall, dark studs and a cuck was what I had, and I couldn’t have been any happier. Okay well, maybe a fourth man!


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