Daddy’s Switch

Phone sex daddy paid me a surprise visit. I guess he wanted to finally see the condo I live in paid by him for my silence. Normally, I am a bit of a submissive girl that loves to please the men in my life. I will drop to my knees the minute a hot man comes into my house. I am a total slut, so there is no need to wine and dine me. Except if you aren’t my type. Poor daddy, he only had one thing I wanted, and that was his money!

One night mom was gone, and he snuck into my room waiting to fuck me. I was totally into it, I was dripping wet! He pulled off my panties and licked me till I came so hard I could barely breathe. Now, I was so ready for his cock. Then it happened, he not only shot his load before pushing into me, but it was tiny. OMG, so fucking tiny.

Right then I decided I owned daddy’s ass and wallet. My friends always wondered how I had the best cars, clothes and always took them on awesome trips. Well, I kept daddy’s secret all these years and he took care of me.

Now he had a surprise for me. He has been taking the magic blue pill and told me I won’t believe how big it has gotten. Disappoint me once and your fucked, disappoint me twice and you’re really fucked!  Want to know what I did to him for disappointing me again? I promise to tell all!


 Written By: Callie

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