Step Daddy’s Watching

black and white after danceMy stepdad came to NYC to watch me perform.  He drove through a hellish snowstorm to get me. I am an understudy filling in because the dancer couldn’t make it back into the city due to all the airports being closed. My big debut! Although the seats were mostly empty due to the weather, the show must go on! I danced my heart out, especially knowing that daddy was watching me. After the big performance, daddy and I went back to my apartment to celebrate. He brought a nice bottle of champagne and a dozen of long stem roses. He noticed how much my body has changed. For the first time ever, he didn’t see me as a little girl. He hugged, and we started kisses, well making out actually. It was like a dream, as my dress came off, and daddy’s pants came down. I sat back in a chair, and he slowly pulled my panties off of me. He went down on me, and I came for him.




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