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Julia's Message:


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Hi ya’ll..I’m Julia your sinful little Southern Belle. I was the little girl who’s parents worked the swing shift, so all the boys would come over and hang out at my house to “play”. By the time I was 15 I had all the boys lining up because they knew I was the hottest pussy in town. I’ve always been a very open minded girl and nothing seemed too outrageous for me. I have done a lot of sexual things so far but I’m always ready to learn more.
I have always liked the idea of being with an older man. As you read in one of my naughty confessions that actually came true for me. I love all role-plays but the one that gets my pussy wet the most is the daddy/daughter role play. I never wanted to be with my father sexually, I guess it was the older guy fantasy that did it for me.
I can’t wait to talk to you!! I can guarantee you will want me to drive you around the block again and again!!

~ Julia’s Naughty Cab Confessions~

~I was visiting New York my senior year. I was riding on a packed subway train, suddenly someone slipped their finger up my skirt..into my panties and it made me wet. It was exciting and felt very good!

~ One time I flashed my professor in college wearing a short little shirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties that day. I knew what I was doing because I past my semester that year.

~I had a fling with a married man that lasted for over a year. We would get together on a daily basis. One day his wife was out of town to visit her mother. We were having the best sex on their bed till the wife came home early and caught us. It gets worse….the wife’s mother came home with her and fainted from a state of shock of seeing her son in law’s cock up my ass. I never saw him again after that day.

~I own a bluetooth vibrator. The way it works, is you insert the vibrator part… into… your pussy , and then you plug the other part into any usb port. There is a program in the port that basically allows you to control the speed, from 0 (off) to 10 (superfast). So most days at work, I sit there pleasuring myself, while everyone else goes about there business, oblivious to my intense pleasure. It does make a light humming sound, but I work partime in a print/copy/design shop so usually there are printers/copiers running that mask the sound anyway.

~I was 21 and at my brothers wedding when I shared a dance with my best friends Dad. We both had a little to much to drink and I told him I had always fantasized about him when I had stayed all night at his house. He told me he had often thought of me the same way. Well one thing led to another and we were fucking in the bathroom stall of the reception hall. I never came so hard in my life!!


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