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LYndiBlue's Message:


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I’m Lyndi Blue and live in Virgina. I am 25 years old. My days and nights are filled with hot, horny men that like to get nasty with me on the phone. What more could a naughty girl like me ask for? Mmmmm.. not much! ~ giggle ~
My tight, little hole starts to tingle at the thought of a man (or a woman,) moaning in my ear until he explodes and cries out in ecstasy!!

I love it when he uses a little lotion to get that cock nice and slippery (just like my pussy) and puts the phone next to it to let me listen to the sound of him jerking off. That’s so fucking hot!!

I get so wet you can hear it while I myself… and I don’t mind returning the favor. I slide my phone down between my legs you can hear my vibrator and fingers working in and out of my dripping, wet slit! Would you like to slide your cock deep into my silky slit?

I love having a big, thick cock stretching my tight, little snatch open and filling me up completely. I start to quiver when I feel my pussy closing as it withdraws and then rams back into me again!

Feel like getting nasty tonight?? Then I’m your girl! I love all kinds of role-play… If just getting down and dirty is more your style… I’m ready for that, too! You can’t get too wild or kinky for me…

I even have a strap-on ready for those who’d like a little ass play! Your call rings directly to my home, and our conversation is totally private and discrete so don’t be afraid to ask for what you really desire.

~Lyndi Blue’s Naughty Cab Confessions~

~When I was with my last boyfriend I always thought his Dad was so incredibly attractive. I fantasized about him when I was having sex with my boyfriend.

~2 months ago I needed repair work done on my car. I have been going to the same mechanic for years. I almost died when I got the bill. I didn’t have the money. So instead we traded services. I gave him what he’s always wanted and I got my car back!!

~An entire year at college I was lusting after my sociology teacher. I think he was able to tell because I always flirted with him. One night at the teacher grad student party where everyone was drinking I ended up getting a ride home with him. I ended up fooling around in his car until we got into his house. He invited me in and I stayed the entire night. Let’s just say I learned a lot more then sociology from him that night.

~ A year ago I got pulled over for a speeding ticket. Before he came up to my car I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and brought out the girls. Needless to say one look at my sexy cleavage and the cop got off by looking at my tits and I got off on a warning.

~ I had sex with 2 other women before. I got fucked from behind with a woman wearing a strap-on while going down on another girl. Very hot!!


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