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Marlene's Message:


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Hey Baby…I’m Marlene and I’m ready to take you on the ride of your life!!

There’s nothing I won’t do to get off and make sure you blow your load. I’ve been told I’m the nympho from hell cause I won’t stop till your cock is drained. Let me join you in the back of my cab for the best blow job you’ve ever had…I want to taste your cum in my throat all night long. Fill my hot pussy with your cum so that it drips down my legs as a reminder of our nasty time together.

When I’m off duty I love going to bars and clubs and picking up guys and gals to play with. There’s nothing I won’t do…I love it all. Nothing is taboo to me baby…so jump in my cab and let’s get crazy. Have any fantasies you’d like fulfilled? Well…I’m the woman for you. Call me and let’s get our motors running!!

~Marlene’s Naughty Cab Confessions~

~I love having a group of guys blow their loads in my pussy and then taste my fingers as I rub my pussy.

~I started giving head when I was 15 years old….I’m a quick study!

~I love being tied to the bed and used like a slut…being made to suck cock and eat pussy.

~It turns me on to have cum on my face…in my hair…dripping down my onto my tits.

~My pussy gets so wet when I’m spanked. My ass cheeks red and burning! HMMMM..nice!!


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