To purhase a PHONE SEX call with one of our girls from this site, simply navigate to her page under the DRIVERS menu. If your girl is accepting calls, you will see this graphic on the right side of her page:


If you see the above image on the right side of your girl’s page, then she is ready to accept calls. Dial her PHONE SEX number located on her page.

  1. You will need a valid credit card and that credit card MUST be in your name.
  2. Provide the credit card info that your girl asks for which will include the full billing name, billing address including zip code, country and CVV2 code.
  3. Let your girl know how many minutes you’d like to purchase for your fantasy PHONE SEX call.
  • The current call rate is $2.00 in United States funds, per minute of entertainment and their is a 10 minute minimum.

Once your financial info has been verified, you and your girl can begin your call.

If you see anything other than the above image as in one of the below images, then your girl is not available for a call. DO NOT CALL A GIRL IF SHE IS UNAVAILABLE.


Off Duty or

On A Call or

On Vacation - Extended Leave

If you have a question / dispute regarding a charge, please feel free to contact us VIA EMAIL, via voice mail at 1.866.477.1047. We will respond to questions, errors, and disputes as quickly as possible.

Please note:

We only bill for Phone sex services that adhere to a strict policy of honest and accurate billing of their clients.

If you feel that you are not being billed accurately or honestly please contact us immediately. We will make sure any errors and disputes are quickly corrected.

Fraudulent use or Chargebacks:

If you attempt to do a chargeback without first letting us resolve the issue (all issues CAN be resolved), your information will be reported to our fraud group and you will no longer be allowed to do calls with any of our providers and affiliate providers. In addition, we report all fraud cases to a national database of fraudulent credit card activity, to your credit card company, to the local and long distance phone company wire fraud departments, and to the applicable law enforcement agencies. These reports include phone records, dates, times, and other details of the call/charge. If your card was stolen and used without your permission, that is noted in our fraudulent reports as well.

Please note that our phone system records the phone number of the line placing the call. If that number coincides with the card holder’s phone number, then a local police report is also filed. Parents and spouses — be forewarned that local law enforcement agencies will investigate and prosecute credit card fraud and identity theft even if it is within the family.

Let it be known that we actively pursue and prosecute fraudulent credit card use and identity theft!

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