Stranger Danger


I remember when I was younger my mom sat me down and talk to me about “stranger danger.” She gave me possible scenarios that could happen to my body. I wasn’t scared at all and in fact, it got me turned on. The thought of a strange man using my young girl body for his enjoyment turned me on so much that I creamed my panties. I felt the wetness building up between my legs as my mom was going on and on. I just wanted to pull my little skirt down and play with my hairless pussy when she was talking to me but I thought that would be inappropriate.

When she was done with her speech, I ran to my bedroom and jumped into my bed imagining a guy was putting a knife to my throat while he was pumping my pussy with his 9 inch cock. I didn’t know a little girl could squirt so much but I did just thinking about the “Stranger Danger” possibilities.

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