Little E


I received a call over the weekend from one of the most pathetic little faggots I have ever spoken to– and I’ve talked to my fair share. I could tell as soon as I picked up the phone what kind of call this was going to be. I know a sissy’s voice when I hear one and this fucking loser was most definitely a sissy, and proud of it. He couldn’t wait to brag about how much he loved sucking dick and taking it up his man cunt. The best part of it all? He’s married with a chick on the side. He’s pretty sure his wife knows that he’s a prissy little faggot, but his lady friend does not. I don’t see how she couldn’t– I knew in 3 seconds of talking to him. He’s a twisted fuck too. He wants them to know. Why? Because he wants them to beat the shit out of him.
This is my kind of sissy. I can’t wait to play with him more,
maybe even expose his secrets ;)

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